Updating the platform

Oct 9, 2016

Good day friends. I am planning to make blog posts more often from now on. At least that’s my intention. The latest news is that I have made many updates to the platform. A key update relates to the powerful SK-Engine tool that allows you to brainstorm using guided randomness with verbal stimuli. This tool was integrated within my Posterini platform. Now I have extracted it and brought it inside the torch website.

Therefore you can now access every torch tool within the torch platform.

This makes it all easier. This week we also have some new infographics at the gallery area as well as a new simple tool at the tools area. The Random-Pics tool allows you to stimulate your creative muscles with random pictures that change every few seconds. The pictures come from Flickr public feed, therefore we have no control over what you will see, I assume that Flickr will have their own way to make sure that only decent pictures appear in their public feed. I have also updated other areas of the website, enjoy Torch!