Torch Tenerife

Oct 9, 2016

Great Torch event at Tenerife Island with the support of European Union and different institutions, including PCTT, EOI, the cabildo of Tenerife and others. It was an introduction event about the methodology. The intro talk had the usual guests, the innovation Origami and ingredients, and I incorporated the latest infographics. During the rest of the event we had time to do 4 practical exercises. I really enjoyed interacting with the audience and feeling their enthusiasm for exercising their creative muscles. The next morning I had a little time to visit the surroundings of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. I went to see La Laguna which has some really nice buildings and squares. Afterwards a friend took me to the surrounding mountains where I enjoyed a brief excursion in the middle of lush green vegetation. Very impressive! Fabulous forests,

It was something out of Lord of the Rings!

I hope to have more time in the future to explore this beautiful island.