Torch Methodology

“I found the Torch methodology engaging and inspiring in a whole new way. I felt it engaged my creative muscles from many different perspectives and I came to an idea and prototype for a great new product during the workshop!”

Maja Matic

(Ljubliana Torch Workshop)

“You already know the power of your sessions. Your honesty can be felt in every one of your actions.”

Xavier Socoro

(mSocial Entrepreneurship Program)

“Fist time I see that a process of this kind generates for real ideas. Very good impression”

Everis Consultancy

 (Applying Torch to Staffing Process of company)

“Thank you Javier for the event of this weekend, very productive, creative and we had a fabulous time. It is a new way of doing things, innovating and creating, much more efficient and it fits perfectly with the current needs and the society we live in, big hugs

Eduard Pardo

 (IoT Internet of Things Torch Event)

“You have developed a super interesting methodology which is very “human”. Besides the concepts, I was super impressed with your enthusiasm and passion for what you do! Congratulations!”

Luisa Himiob

(GIS Torch Conference)

“The workshop was the most brilliantly challenging 8 hours of my life. It really pushed me to extend beyond my capabilities”

Eric Hsieh

(Torch User)

“Torch was simply amazing. The author takes a complex concept and breaks it down in a way so that it is easy and fun for the reader to understand and to learn from. The Torch Principle presents a totally new innovation methodology that in my opinion will be very useful for students, startup founders and executives. It gives the readers a new set of tools which I’m sure will lead to new exciting innovations for all of us to enjoy.”

Amazon Customer

(Review of Torch Principle Book)

“This is an impressive volume of information and resources. I was amazed at how comprehensive and timely the references are. Besides the clear and easily followed concepts provided, this book is overflowing with weblinks and additional information. If you appreciate learning more about your brain and desire to stretch your creative boundaries, you will benefit greatly by picking up The Torch Principle.”


(Reviewed by Laura’s Interests Blog)

This book has given me new insight into how to face my personal and professional challenges.”

Sefina Hawke

(About the Torch Principle book)

“Public Agency -Spirit Slovenia- provided slovenian teachers with excellent training for teaching entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation through Torch. It was a great two day experience. We used many different tools and it was very practical. Great workshop.”

Zdenka Sušec

 (Librarian and Marketing teacher at High school of economics Ljubliana, Slovenia)

“It was a unique experience and it will give a great impulse to my project.”

Juanjo Alvarez

 (Torch Tenerife Event)

“It has greatly surpassed all expectations.”

Everis Consultancy

 (Applying Torch to Staffing Process of company)

“I never expected to have the opportunity to combine everything, your brain, your eyes, your mouth, your ears to get a new approach to your problem, it was amazing!”

Zuberoa Marcos


“I loved the session. The practical part was very interesting, because it opens your mind so much and it’s very dynamic and fun.”

Monica Carrera

 (Zaragoza Torch Workshop)

“I studied advertising and i found this amazing and totally new compared to what I’ve seen. And the best part, you get really good ideas, it works!!!”

Jordi Valls


“Javier Ideami has written a creative book on solving one’s problems. This book is compelling and innovative and a lot of work went into its creation. If you want creative ideas for improving your life, they are here. With exacting detail, he gives instructions for looking at the problem in many different ways. He has even developed online tools which the reader can access, making this a truly multimedia accomplishment with videos, charts, and software to look at your issue in myriad ways.”

Mary Dekok Blowers

 (Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite)

“The torch principle gave me specific and helpful tools to help turn on my creativity. It helped me understand the differences between the creative and the analytical side of my brain and showed me how to use my analytical side but also how to turn it off when I need to get my creativity flowing, and finally, how to combine the two to get real results! Thank you for writing this book!”

Cynthia AI

 (About The Torch Principle book)

“I read the Torch Principle this summer while I was going through a tough period in my life and I felt as if the book was reading my mind. I could see the issues I was facing reflected in the book and the findings and explanations  made me feel much more comfortable dealing with the emotional rollercoaster I was going through. The practical exercises and available tools challenged me continuously to keep an open mind. The book helped me believe that, following my path, whatever place I reach in the end, it will be a good one. I really recommend the book!!”

Adela Martínez

 (About The Torch Principle book)

“Thank you very much for helping us go beyond the words. You have a magic that triggers our enthusiasm.”

Marina González

 (mSocial Entrepreneurship Program)

“It was an honor having you here in Tenerife. I have spent the last two days telling my people about the experience. I will buy the book and I would like to help organize another Torch event here in Canary islands.”

Agoney Melián Sosa

(Torch Tenerife Event)

“Very dynamic and fun. It has facilitated the generation of ideas and the communication.”

Everis Consultancy

 (Applying Torch to Staffing Process of company)

“Javier ideami worked intensely with our entrepreneurs and without a doubt we will repeat this activity again in our future programs. The entrepreneurs were amazed with what they were able to achieve through the different creativity techniques they learned. They came up with incredible ideas!.”

Xavier Verdaguer

(Imagine Creativity Center)

“I loved the workshop, it was inspiring, motivating and so revealing”

Sara Esteban

(Zaragoza Torch Workshop)

“Torch was an amazing read! I expected it to take a while for me to get into it and finish it considering the complexity of the subject, however the writer has done an absolutely amazing job of explaining and giving me the tools to understand myself the complex concept of creativity and how to harness it in my daily life. It’s a very easy and pleasant read, unlike many other books on the subject. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fresh perspective on how to deal with their daily life challenges in the most creative ways!”

Amazon Customer

(About the Torch Principle book)

“This is the most amazing book. I can’t say enough good things about it but I’ll start with saying how much this book has changed my own lookout on life. The Torch Principle allowed me to delve more into my creativity for dealing with life. Anyone who is facing personal challenges (aren’t we all?) can definitely benefit from this book. I’ve never read another book like it and that’s one of the reasons I’m giving this a 5 star review.”

Dorothy Thompson

(About the Torch Principle book)

“The genius of Javier Ideami has put together ‘The Torch’, a hands on method to boost creativity. He sets out that the emphasis we put on the rational approach to solve problems in fact inhibits our development, robs us from mental and emotional renewal and prohibits innovative solutions. He has given numerous presentations to companies and organisations. Brilliant.”

Maria Doukeli

(Educator and Video Producer)


General Feedback

“I have been following the work of Javier Ideami for over a decade. He is a true multidisciplinary master in so many artistic, creative and technological areas. What most impresses me is his ability to direct the vision and the message of complex multidimensional projects while at the same time being able to get down to the details of all the different parts that make them because of his extensive expertise in so many areas. He is without a doubt the ideal person to direct any project that wants to achieve creative and original levels of excellence together with technical performance and innovative design.”

Javier Ferrer, PMP

 (Head of PMO at NN Spain)

“Javier gave two very successful talks, one in each university (Stanford University and UC Berkeley), demonstrating his unique combination of superb communication skills, extraordinary knowledge and expertise in his field, as well as the range of unique and innovative perspectives displayed in his talks. Javier also participated in an art exhibition at Stanford University where some of his award winning words were displayed. The range of creative disciplines in which Javier has earned awards makes him a unique asset for the creative industry. The unique combination of extraordinary experience, expertise and knowledge that Javier has amassed over the years guarantees his continuous contribution in quality and quantity to the innovation and development of creative media and other related fields in his industry.”

Piero Scaruffi

(Leonardo ISAST Programs  at Stanford University and UC Berkeley.)

“Easy: Javier is unique.”

Miguel Lázaro

( Music Producer and Composer)

“Javier’s film was awarded the Jury price at the RadioCity Film Festival. I was part of the Jury of the film festival and had the opportunity to analyse and appreciate the unique skills and work of Javier. Javier has been widely recognized in the industry for this extraordinary ability and talent and for having received awards in multiple creative fields.”

Francisco Javier Barrera Perís

(President of Entropía, Inteligencia Creativa)

“Javier is a creative artist who invents new ideas and is constantly developing new projects that can improve the way we live and think. A trustworthy and reliable partner who can deliver on time. He is an extraordinary multidisciplinary artist with a very desirable personality that oozes warmth and charisma making him an ideal candidate for motivating any team as well as for any teaching in a creative or technology based environment.”

Andy Parkin

(London Academy of Media Film and TV)

“I have worked with Javier in different projects in the last years and had the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the depth of his skills and talents in so many creative fields both in the art and technology areas. I met Javier for the first time at an international architecture symposium in sicily, Italy, where we both were giving conferences about cutting edge technology. I was impressed with the range of ventures that Javier was leading, ventures that unite multiple disciplines to produce innovative results with exceptional quality. Later on we collaborated on different projects. We are looking forward to continue our collaborations with such an incredibly skilled and talented professional, recognized with multiple awards internationally.”

Arturo Vittori

 (Architect – CEO and Director at Architecture and Vision)

“Ideami: Latino passion with a Zen approach, a powerful combo of technical knowledge and artistic intuition, the real New Age man.”

Maria Doukeli

 (Professional Film Editor)

“Javier ideami was awarded the Directors’ Special Recognition at the SF Shorts: The San Francisco International Festival of Short Films. Additionally, Javier attended the festival and wowed the audience during the Question and Answer period. We are blown away by his unique breadth and range of creative skill and output within multiple fields of art, music and design.”

James Kenney

(Director and Founder, SF Shorts, Associate Professor, California College of the Arts)

“I had the luck of getting to know the creative world of Javier Ideami a few years ago. I was always surprised by the imagination and quality displayed in each of his projects. He has a lot of clarity about each aspect of the production, but gives enough space to those that work with him so that we can add our own perspectives and experience to enrich the project. His enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious and all of those that work alongside him have the opportunity fo learn and grow through his experience.”

Jesus Calderon

 (Music Composer)

“Javier is an extraordinarily unique artist whose skills reach both multiple artistic areas and technology ones. He unites both to produce creative tools that are easy to use, useful and increase the productivity of professionals around the world.”

Victoria Chaves Gómez


“During my very fruitful collaboration with Javier Ideami, I had the opportunity to analyse and appreciate the unique skills and work of Javier. Already Javier has been recognized in the industry for his extraordinary record of achievements, and for his rare versatility, and the range and ability of his talents. Proof of this is that he is one of the few multidisciplinary individuals that has been distinguished with awards in multiple creative fields.”

Dr. Oscar Colomina i Bosch

 ( PhD (RAM), MMus, BMusHons (GSMD))

“I met Javier during a masterclass on digital photography. Despite me already being a professional photographer, Javier gave me the true mastery of my craft and I am proud to call him my mentor. Since then we have taught masterclasses together. I always refer show his work to new students at the lab, Visual Communications Academy, of which I am the Director.”

Mark Abouzeid

 (Visual Storyteller, Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker)

“Javier is one of today’s Leonardo Da Vinci’s. As well as being a master developer, artist, award winning film director, musician and multiple other talents, he has briefed presidents and businessmen alike on advanced creative tools. I have worked with Javier in the past on the establishment of an innovative venture backed enterprise in California that established a leading software system for next generation computer interfaces. In addition, Javier has undertaken significant development work in the fields of technical artistic endeavor and invention capability. Javier has been widely recognized in the industry for this extraordinary ability and talent. He is one of a few multidisciplinary artists that has been distinguished with awards in multiple creative fields. Javier brings a very wide range of superlative skills, knowledge and experience that has been recognized internationally around the world. In my opinion, he plays a leading/critical role in current research/modern art that has national and international significance.”

James Keravala

(Chief Executive, Off-World Consortium)

“Javier has demonstrated leadership and vision and has brought a superb and outstanding array of skills to the project. We have been able to appreciate the unique range of contributions he is able to bring to this project and many others. Javier has been recognized in the industry for his unique talent, earning awards in a wide range of creative fields.”

Farzad Naimi

(Managing Partner at RONAholdings LLC)



“Javier is one the best teachers I have met in my continuing academic career. He can dumb down the terminology if it helps get the lesson across without diminishing the passion and importance of the subject. His highly infectious creative flair is something many students would lose in their work if they merely ‘learned’ the subject.”

Sameenah Din

 (Ideami Masterclass)

“The enthusiasm and knowledge of Javier made every aspect accessible and worthwhile”

Mike Kirk

(Ideami Masterclass)

“This course shines because the instructor, Javier, is so dynamic, energetic and personable.”

Ruby Mawira

(Ideami Masterclass)

“Javier is the most amazing teacher, you forget that he is a teacher, he is a good laugh which makes the learning process much easier.”

David Harris

 (Ideami Masterclass)

“It was intensive but clear enough.. and full of professional tips that was not possible to get anywhere.. And Javier is perfect.. He worked with everyone of us to make sure that we are all clear.. Thank you.”

Selen Sanli

 (Ideami Masterclass)

“Javier was fantastically organised and extremely knowledgeable and somehow related technical information in an incredibly understandable way. A fabulous week..”

Sarah Hodgson

 (Ideami Masterclass)

“Javier is a fantastic tutor with a wealth of knowledge and passion.”

Dan Broderick

 (Ideami Masterclass)

“Javier was a joy – he has an enthusiasm and energy which is contagious and inspirational. The most important factor to a successful course is arguably the tutor and Javier struck a great balance between making the course demanding yet very good fun.”

Sandra Arcan

 (Ideami Masterclass)


Clients of Ideami Media Services

“Wow, what’s there to say other than my expectations were exceeded in absolutely every way possible? Because they absolutely were.”

LivingSocial Customer

(Client of Ideami Media Services)

“Javier, the owner and photographer, is great to work with, and he gave me excellent guidance during the photo session. He’s also funny and very friendly, and this helped me to relax and enjoy the session. I gave him some very specific guidelines about what I was looking for, and he delivered on ALL of these. If you’re looking for a talented creative artist who really delivers above and beyond what’s required, then I highly recommend that you work with Javier!”

Tony J

 (Client of Ideami Media Services)

“My wife and I had purchased an outdoor photoshoot with Ideami, we were in San Francisco celebrating our anniversary and thought it would be fun to get some professional photos to remember the trip. Javier was very professional and did a great job. We were very pleased and would highly recommend him for portrait photography.”

Errol B

 (Client of Ideami)

“This photo session was an absolutely positive experience. I told my girlfriend earlier today it’d be a dream to have Javier be our wedding photographer sometime down the road. I liked him that much. Without question, I’ll be recommending him to anyone I know who’s looking for a photographer, as well as returning whenever I’m in need of new photos. His easy-going, friendly, and professional nature really made the experience memorable for the two of us.”

Amber D

(Client of Ideami Media Services)

“Javier was the consummate professional. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend him!”

LivingSocial Customer

(Client of Ideami Media Services)

“I flew to San Francisco to have a photo shoot with Javier. Javier was not only very professional, but made the shoot fun and relaxing. I was hoping for at least one good photo, but to my surprise my photographs were beautiful. The lighting was perfect, and he was able to capture my personality for a book cover. I would highly recommend Javier for all of your photographic needs. You will be very happy that you did! He is not only an amazing photographer, but a great person as well.”

Linda M

(Client of Ideami Media Services)

“Working with Javier was a great experience, and the results were even better than I hoped for. He’s professional, friendly, and fun….and he put me at ease right away. I can give him my highest recommendation.”


 (Client of Ideami Media Services)

“Javier is very thorough and patient. I was a total newbie and he explained everything in detail. He is very knowledgeable and the tips and tricks he shared with us in 2 hours are definitely way more than what I could gather by myself in months or even years. After some more practice I plan to return to his other workshops. Money well spent!”

LivingSocial Customer

 (Client of Ideami Media Services)

“Javier is fun to work with and a talented photographer. I will recommend him to my friends & colleagues.”

LivingSocial Customer

 (Client of Ideami Media Services)

“It was a very informative workshop. Lot of subtle techniques known only to professionals were openly shared. I would recommend it to all that are trying to get to the next level.”

LivingSocial Customer

 (Client of Ideami Media Services)

“I can not recommend Javier Ideami enough! I am so pleased with my results. He has such a warm and friendly personality that he made me feel comfortable instantly. All of the photos were absolutely stunning, Javier is a great photographer, but he is also the kind of person that does a little extra for every person he works for. Javier went above and beyond for me and I have a feeling he does that for all of his clients and that is why I am giving him 5 stars. I would give him more if I could.”

Rebeca D

 (Client of Ideami Media Services)

“Javier is very easy to work with. I normally don’t like my pictures taken but he has a very calm and relaxing manner – I had no problems! And I absolutely love the results – my pictures look great! I highly recommend javier!”

Tanya D

 (Client of Ideami Media Services)

“Thank you, Javier, for a memorable experience. You’ve got a repeat customer in me, as well as someone happy to refer any colleagues or friends. Best wishes for your continued success on every project you tackle in the future as well!”

LivingSocial Customer

 (Client of Ideami Media Services)

“Javier Ideami is a real pro…..and his work is beautiful. He made the session really enjoyable, and his communications are excellent. He stays in touch before and after the shoot. I recommend him highly.”

LivingSocial Customer

 (Client of Ideami Media Services)


Examples of International Reviews

“Javier Ideami e un artista eclettico. Nella costruzione delle sue opere si serve della matita, della fotocamera, della macchina da presa, fino ai piu nuovi e sofisticati procedimenti di elaborazione delle immagini e del suono. Sicche non e facile – e del resto neanche necessario – inquadrarlo in una sola delle possibili definizioni: disegnatore, fotografo, cineasta, artista multimediale. Ideami e un chiaro esempio di professionista dell’arte dei nostri tempi, un abilissimo conoscitore degli strumenti messi a disposizione dalla scienza, sia nell’espressione delle proprie creazioni concettuali che nell’interpretazione a scopo comunicativo di ideee altrui.”

Carlo Gallerati

 (Owner of Galleria Gallerati in Rome, Italy)

“En esta primera entrada del año, voy a escribir sobre uno de los mejores fotografos europeos de hoy en dia, alguien que lleva a sus espaldas varios premios de cine y fotografia europeos, y con una larga lista de exhibiciones por galerias de media Europa. Como amante de la buena fotografia que soy, cada vez que Ideami saca a la luz alguna nueva serie de fotografias no puedo sino solamente sorprenderme de la calidad de sus trabajos. La composicion de sus fotos, su colorido, la maestria de sus retoques fotograficos hacen de Ideami, sin duda, uno de los maximos exponentes de la fotografia artistica espanola y europea del momento.”

Javier Ferrer

(Javier Ferrer Culture Blog)

“In the exhibit – Natural Movement – Javier Ideami links the movement of the human figure with different natural places , creating scenarios where times stops and beauty emerges from the fusion between the different forzes of nature. One of his specialities is the art of digital retouching and in this exhibit he takes it to the limit in order to create works that seem real but at the same time generate moments of harmony between the human figure and the forzes of nature around it. Javier Ideami focuses his attention in the figure and its surroundings and with the dancing movements of the fragile figure, generates enthusiasm with an almost surreal effect, and with intense elegance and beauty, the author, creatively and intuitively takes the figure to the frontal position in the stage, using the backgrounds to express the depth of what is universal and emphasizing the space with delicate details. Contrasts full of light, in a romantic and poetic atmosphere, reveal a creative extasis that fills all his creations, capturing the emotions of the audience. The artist reveals himself as a lyric poet that with his creations shows the magic of the unity between the human body and nature, light and shadow, as creator of harmony between the human being and all that surrounds it. And in this way the artist shares with us his unique, fascinating and personal artistic vision. Javier Ideami expresses similar visions in other creative areas such as filmmaking, music, design and multimedia artworks.”

Zeljko Tutnjevic

 (Journalist of Dubrovackoj Izlozbi Exhibit: Palazzo Ranjina Dubrovnik (Croatia)(Translated to English))

“El Cuadro (dir. Javier Ideami). In keeping with his profession as a noted creative artist Javier Ideami’s short ‘El Cuadro’ works as a beautifully shot and beguilingly mysterious film. Showing no sign of struggle moving from the still art-form of photography (at which he excels) into moving images, El Cuadro exists perfectly as one of Ideami’s mysterious, hyper-real photographs brought into motion. While El Cuadro clearly belongs in the realm of the surreal filmmakers it is shot with a professionalism often lacking from his experimental contemporaries. The crisp focus, the drifting panning shots, and the skilful editing recall the Oscar winning likes of Christopher Doyle, Gus van Sant’s favoured cinematographer. In short, all of Ideami’s ideas gel together brilliantly, gleefully avoiding the rushed narrative trappings of much short filmmaking, as can be expected from someone from as artistic a background as his.”

Ian Viggars MA BA

 (Fragment of movie review)