T4I: Your Brainstorming App

The most powerful brainstorming app, combining management, KPIs, tracking and multidisciplinary ideation with all the torch idea generation techniques. Launch it

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Why T4I

T4I is the first innovation platform and brainstorming app that combines management, KPIs and tracking of complex challenges and solutions with a powerful multidisciplinary ideation and brainstorming interface that combines multiple torch strategies to accelerate the generation of innovative ideas and solutions.

Idea management


Manage challenges and solutions with great features, including rating, rankings, rewards, editor, privacy, comments, customization etc.


Diverge strongly, quickly and deeply combining multiple disciplines and senses. You can mix and match as you like different strategies and senses as you expand your ideation on a huge canvas.

Track & Measure

T4I allows you to track, measure and study key KPIs, helping you shape your ideation processes and boost your results.


Combining powerful management and expansive idea generation techniques, the T4I innovation platform and brainstorming app accelerates your innovation skills and trains your creative muscles.
Using all your potential

T4I combines powerful modules.

VERBAL: A powerful array of linguistic tools including creative searches, emotion storm, filter by categories and many more, all powered by a massive database that gives you infinite possibilities.

VISUAL: Combine images and videos in divergent and guided ways, including the use of powerful external APIs to expand your brainstorming process with whatever you need.

ACOUSTIC: The powerful acoustic module allows you to work with divergent sound albums as well as brainstorming instruments to introduce sound stimuli into your brainstorming process.

DRAWING: Use the infinite power of the line to expand your brainstorming. You have available an array of brushes and the ability to change colors and sizes as you need.

VIDEO: Activate the video function to interact with the world around you while you brainstorm.

COLLABORATION: Connect to other participants that are working on the same challenge. Chat with them while you brainstorm together.

1 minute intro

Watch short videos that introduces you to T4I. And then try it for yourself at torch4ideas.com/en.