The torch is yours

Sep 7, 2015

I’m really glad to welcome you to this blog and to this website dedicated to The Torch Innovation Methodology and The Torch Principle book. The Torch Principle book helps you reach a better balance between your analytical and your creative mental processes. Above all The Torch Principle is a celebration of how creativity, divergence and creative thinking can benefit our lives in so many ways and the purpose of this blog is to expand on that from the perspective of many different topics and areas.

Readers of the Torch Principle Book get exclusive access to videos, infographics and tools related to the methodology. In addition, this blog is open to anybody interested in how creativity and innovation can help us become more balanced, successful and joyful human beings. Divergence will be a big topic on this blog. Our analytical processes resist divergence strongly and yet we need divergence to deal with complexity and competition when we require innovative and original solutions to our challenges.

Divergent thinking is key to keep our creative muscles fit and ready to innovate

I will also pay attention to the latest research on how our mind and brain works as well as to how technology can continue helping us exercise our creative muscles. Just like in the book, the professional and the personal angles should not be separated. They can, but they should not. They can because there are indeed people that succeed professionally and yet are very flawed human beings. Very Flawed human beings can hurt and damage those around them. We promote sustainability and also sustainable success. Sustainable success is success built over balanced foundations, over a mind that welcomes diversity, openness and feedback, a mind that is sensitive to the people and the world around it.

Just like in The Torch Principle book, we will connect creativity and innovation with our career, health and well-being. We want to promote healthy ways to activate our creative muscles, ways that at the same time can contribute to advance our careers. We will also pay attention to art in general, to different ways to interpret and express what we experience in our lives. And we will share as well any interesting resources, links and tools that can help you in this mission to become more balanced and more complete.

And for those interested in buying the book, join our newsletter and we will keep you updated about everything. Once you buy the book, go to the register form on this website, enter your data and we will soon send you login details to access all the areas that are exclusive for the readers. Welcome to the torch principle and keep on exercising your creative muscles!